ILGUL #14: What I Think On What Might Be The Next Level For MMA

With my new job, I am able to watch more MMA. All of it is UFC because FS2 plays UFC stuff. I still enjoy watching the fights from the UFC, but I also enjoy watching other fights from other organizations.

One day I was scrolling down my Facebook page to see a comment of there is too much UFC on. I said to myself, whaaaaaaat. Too much UFC on. Well yeah, think about that when the only thing on is baseball or golf.

I remember back in the day, where it was hard to find MMA on TV. You had to go to the video rental store to wait to see what had already happened that you read about in a online forum, or to see MMA you had to rely on a person with satellite TV to watch it.

Since the UFC partnered with Fox in 2010 to distribute its content, it made it more easy to watch MMA. Also with the UFC, there is Bellator, Rizin Fighting Federation, One Championship, and other MMA organizations that has TV and the internet to release its content. Therefore there is so much MMA to be seen, that I think it is great for the sport.

As I look back to see all of the sports that I observe, the UFC has been the fastest growing sports organization that I have seen. For this sports organization was originally an infomercial on PPV to promote Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by having a freestyle fighting event, with the concept of 2 men entering a cage, and one man will leave. This first UFC influenced more to where the federal government took notice, and MMA in the US was almost banned for being equal to dogfighting. Then a group of men the Fertitta brothers took the advice of their good friend Dana White to purchase the UFC that was losing a lot of money at the time, and it continued to lose money after it was purchased until 2005. That was the year the Ultimate Fighter season 1 debuted, and it brought MMA to the mainstream through the reality TV format.

For the Fertitta brothers with their money and their friends, Dana White’s vision for the UFC are the big reasons why the UFC has become as big as it is now in the short time that the UFC has existed. This coming November the UFC will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the UFC is really young when compared to other professional sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA that been around between 50-100 years. These leagues along with boxing have been able to offer its top athletes multi-million dollar agreements, and that is the next big thing that MMA must do to go to the next level.

What made it great to MMA for the Fertittas and Dana White to be involved with the sport of MMA was that they had quite a bit of money to invest into the sport, and they were fans of MMA. Through their involvement in MMA, they were able to continue to do the Ultimate Fighter and PPV’s. They also got all of their fighters health insurances, they brought women MMA to the UFC, and they got the UFC on one of the major networks with Fox.

I mean think whatever negative thing you want about Dana White and the Fertittas, but you cannot deny their contributions that raised the level of MMA to where it is now.

For MMA to go to the next level to where it should include more top fighters making money like top pro boxers, it needs someone or some people that love MMA with a lot of money.


ILGUL 13: My Favorite Combat Sport To Watch 

One of the things I love to watch is combat sports. My Facebook postings is filled with combat sports videos of MMA, boxing, grappling, and kickboxing/Muay Thai. Before I was married I would waste time by watching whatever fight I can see in its full length, but now being a family man I just want to enough time to watch highlights, and be at least aware of who won the fight.

In each combat sport I like to be aware of who is the champion, and who are the rising contender. My favorite kind of main events are watching undefeateds, with a title that is on the line. It’s like watching a collision between two alpha animals, like gorillas. They are fighting to see who is the top alpha, because there can be only one. For one fighter has a chance to take everything away from another fighter, to determine who is the best, and the best format for that is MMA, which is my favorite combat sport to watch.

As I see a really dominate striker like a Buakaw, I think of how he would do in a fight against a really good grappler that has good enough striking defense to close the striking distance to take down the dominant striker. I mean how would a dominant striker do, with a person that can take them down whenever?

Probably my favorite combat athlete of all time is Anderson Silva, because of how he defeated so many different opponents in different ways. He would knockout dominant strikers, like he did with Vitor Belfort. He would also submit dominant wrestlers with dangerous strikes, like he did with Dan Henderson. Because he was middleweight champion for a long time with the most title defenses, he was always fighting top contenders. That gave fans to see him going against Chris Weidman, who was undefeated at the time in facing Silva. Anderson was also undefeated. Weidman at the time was a hungry fighter, that was on the top of his game. He had a solid grappling background, and we got to see what a dominant grappler with good striking can do against a dominant striker with good takedown defense and good Jiu Jitsu.

In the grappling world, I think that Garry Tonon is one of the best grapplers today. He has 59 wins in grappling competitions, and among those wins are 42 submission wins.  I would love to see him compete in MMA. I would love to see him fight in the lightweight or welterweight division to see how he would do with a dominant striker like a Donald Cerrone.

I mean like to dominant combat athlete champions dominate their combat sport, then go onto MMA to compete against another combat champion from another combat sport. For to see that you need MMA, which is why MMA is my favorite combat sport to watch.

ILGUL 12:Fighters Fight Challenge

About combat sports for 2017 so far, I will remember it for Mayweather vs McGregor. About that fight I was rooting for McGregor, but I am not surprise about the outcome. For Mayweather should finish him, and he did in spectacular fashion. Now that fight has been done I want to see McGregor back in MMA, and I hope his next fight will be with Diaz at 155 pounds for the trilogy.

Even though the guy I rooted for got TKO by one of the best boxers of all time in Mayweather, I did enjoy everything about the fight. I would be interested if they did another crossover with MMA and boxing. For I think it is good for both combat sports, because it gives freshness that sometimes both sports need. 

Other than my opinion about Mayweather vs McGregor, I think that the majority that were into it feels that overall it was a success. The ticket sells, and the PPV buys prove that. Even though it has almost been two weeks since the fight, people are still talking about it rather it be positive or negative. Bottom line is they are talking about it, and UFC is already talking about doing Overeem vs boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in a MMA fight. Also Showtime too is looking at to do more crossover MMA vs boxing. I just hope that as they do it, that idea will get better. 

With McGregor proving that MMA fighterscan box with pro boxers, I would now like to see our best boxers like Diaz brothers, and Woodley go over to box their best boxers in their prime.  For I think that MMA boxing boxers is better than boxers doing MMA, because boxers would not have much of chance against MMA fighters in MMA. UFC 1-3 proved that, Couture vs Toney proved it years later, and since 2010 nothing has changed in who would dominate in a fight between a boxer vs MMA fighter. 

I think if you take the idea of combat grappling, then you might have a format that could be somewhat fair for MMA fighters vs boxers. This is just an idea, and it might be bad. I just hope that MMA vs boxing will get better. 


ILGUL#11: MMA Opinions 2

Wow! I did two posts within a week on this site. That means there will be another long vacation, unless I have something interesting to share. 

The last blog I shared about how I think that McGregor, and Jones are the 2 best combat athletes. I spent most of the blog put cases to prove that McGregor is one of the best combat athletes on the planet. It would be easy for some to say that he’s better than Jones, and with him making history of becoming the first UFC fighter to hold 2 belts at the same time it would seem easy to justify that he is better than Jones. 

Even with Jones not being as active due to his bad choices, I still think he is the best combat athlete on the planet, and him beating Henderson by submitting last night in a grappling match proves that Jones is the best combat athlete on the planet. Him, and his brothers are such gifted athletes, that I honestly think he might have done well in boxing. Even though he does not have McGregor like knockout power, I believe he would have been smart enough to use his distance at an advantage. I mean the man’s arm reach is 84 inches, and I am not sure of how many boxers would be able to get past his reach. 

Last blog I spent a lot of time discussing McGregor’s dominant run, and it would be easy to forget about Jones dominant run with all of his troubles. However the fact is that no one has beaten Jones, even though he has one loss. What made his only lost in MMA was due to his illegal elbow to Matt Hamill, that could have not happen with another referee that would have stopped the fight sooner with Hamill not defending himself enough for the fight to continue. I mean you can break his MMA career into two dominant runs, with his only loss as the divider between the two dominant runs. 

Before his lost to Matt Hamill, Jones was undefeated since he started MMA in 2008 with record of 9-0. 

After his only lost to Matt Hamill, Jones currently has a 13 fight win streak that gives him a record of 22-1. Among those wins he has 15 finishes with 9 knockout and 6 submissions. His dominant run has established all kinds of records, like becoming the youngest fighter to win a UFC championship. He also has the records of third most consecutive title defenses in UFC history with 8, the most wins in UFC light heavy weight division with 16, the longest win strike in the UFC heavyweight division with 13 wins, and he is tied with having the most submission wins in the light heavyweight with 5. Now Jones recently admits that he is at the white belt level of BJJ, which makes his dominant run even more impressive. 

Since being named the replacement for Rashad Evans in March of 2011 to face Shogun to become the youngest ever to win UFC championship, his victories has come mostly against former champions like Shogun, Rampage Jackson, Lyota Machida, and these 3 of the 4 guys he faced in 2011 to be 4-0 for that year. In my opinion that is the greatest career year of any MMA fighter. He finished all 4, that were considered in the top five for that time. 

The facts of him not been beaten, and setting all kinds of records before he turns 30 are reasons why he is the best combat athlete on the planet. He might even be considered the greatest of all time, and he can easily be first ballot UFC Hall of Famer even if he retired today. 


ILGUL#10: MMA Opinions 1

It has been a while since I posted anything for this blogsite. Ever since becoming a family man, I have not been into MMA as much as I use to be. Before 2014 I was able to follow MMA religiously, and I would study the fighters to see what the outcomes of their fight might be, so I can attempt to know what I am talking about when in front of my friends while watching the fights. 

In the fall of 2013 I met of who would eventually become my wife, and we spent our first Christmas together at my parents home. That time in the world of MMA was the big PPV of Silvia vs Weidman 2, and I did see the first fight. Most of the Silva fights I saw at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lynchburg, VA. It was right across the street from Liberty University, and that place has brought so many awesome memories of watching UFC with my friends. The last fight I saw there was McGregor vs Mendes, and the first MMA opinions of I love grappling is about him. It is also about Jon Jones. 

My Opinions About McGregor And Jones

Even though I do not keep up with MMA as much as I did before 2014, I do keep up with it enough to see when McGregor and Jones is fighting. When it comes to the question of who is the best fighter on the planet, my answer would be debated between those two. Now I will go out to admit, that I might be bias. However, both fighters have very strong facts to make the case of either one of them to be the best fighter on the planet. 

The Cases For McGregor

I love watching McGregor fight. If McGregor did not fight at UFC 205, then I would probably not care about the card even though it had great match ups with great fighters. I mean there are so many cases for McGregor to be consider the best fighter on the planet, and to begin looking at the cases of why he should be consider the best fighter on the planet one would need to begin to look at the question of why is he the most watch MMA fighter on the planet to see why he should be consider the best fighter on the planet. 

For a lot of people may already disagree with me of McGregor being the best fighter on the planet, but you cannot disagree with him being the most watch MMA fighter. 

By answering the question of why is he the most watched MMA fighter may not get you to agree with me of him being the best fighter on the planet, but you cannot dislike him for not being a great fighter. 

The answer of why he should be consider the best or second best fighter on the planet is explained with at least two reasons. One is that he is a great self-promoter, and the other reason is he backs up his talk. If he did not back up his talk, then probably he may not be the most watched MMA fighter. Also he may not be in the conversation to answer the question of who is the best fighter. 

Also about him, if he retired right now, then I think he can be in the UFC Hall of Fame. I mean look at what he has done in the UFC since his arrival in 2013. He has not only just win in dominant fashion, but he has elevated the sport of MMA to whole new heights that has not been reached before. To get an idea of what new heights MMA has gone to because of McGregor, listen to how often Skip Bayles would talk about him. It’s more often than any other fighter, and it is already probably more times than Anderson Silva. The only time he might have  got mention was around the time he was fighting, and McGregor is probably still being talked about even with his last fight being a month ago. Also with him, you are seeing other famous celebrities imitate his walk. That happening, and him being constantly talk about gives idea of how high he has raised the bar for MMA. 

For the heights he has taken MMA to goes back to him being so dominant in the UFC. When people read this, they will quickly point out his fights against Diaz to disagree with McGregor being dominant, or they may say what about Demetrius Johnson with his 9 title defenses. Well if you compare both of their records, then your conclusion must be that McGregor has been more dominant. Both fighters have 20 plus wins, but McGregor has more finishes with 18 to Johnson’s 14. McGregor also has one of the fastest KO’s in UFC history that happened in his fight against Aldo. If that fact does not at least get you to admit he is a great fighter, than that proves you are full of hate to McGregor. Well think about Aldo’s former status of being one of the best pound for pound fighters, and reigning the featherweight division for 10 years. For him to be that, and have McGregor take that all away from him with one punch. I MEAN WITH ONE PUNCH that he rehearsed right before the fight in his locker room. If that does not convince you he is at least a good fighter, then you probably still using his fights against Nate Diaz to discredit McGregor. 

Even with his 1-1 record against Diaz, McGregor is still one of the best fighters on the planet. To see why he is still in that description of him, we have to go look at the cause of the rivalry and how it played out to see why his UFC run is consider to be dominant. 

The cause that opened the Diaz vs McGregor rivalry was Rafael Dos Anjos pulling out with his 155 title fight against McGregor, and Diaz replaced him to face McGregor at two higher weight classes of 170. Dos Anjos became the 2nd fighter within a year to pull out a fight against McGregor. The fact McGregor faces fighters on short notice supports his UFC run being dominant. 

Now before Diaz vs McGregor came into existent I thought Diaz could be tough for McGregor and I also thought Diaz vs McGregor would happen later. Well that fight not only happened just once this year, but twice at welterweight. Through those two fights we saw why McGregor should be consider a great fighter, and that he has platinum confidence to handle whatever adversity comes against him. Whenever a fighter loses for the first time or in a bad way, it rarely bounces back from it. I mean look at Anderson Silva as example. His record after his first UFC lost to Chris Weidman is 0-4. Since Weidman lost for the first time to Luke Rockhold he is 0-2, with his last loss being him brutally KO by Romero. Other than Silva and McGregor I do not know any other fighters that would ask for a rematch with a tough fighter they lost to. 

When McGregor lost to Diaz to have his first UFC loss, he lost momentum. In my opinion I think when a fighter losses it momentum, it loses their invincible mystic that gave them a huge mental edge against its opponents. Anderson Silva had that before his first UFC lost, and people that face him do not fear him as much like his previous opponents he faced before his first UFC lost. 

After big UFC stars lose high profile fights, they usually take a long time off, and they also look for easy win. They do that to not risk their current status, but not McGregor. He was willing to risk it all in a rematch at the same weight against Diaz, and he was willing to do whatever to try to win against someone he lost to. He invested in 300 grand in his training camp, and he was also willingly to go against the UFC that caused him from being on UFC 200 ( which I think is the UFCs fault for him not fighting at UFC 200) to be prepared the best he could against Diaz that paid off with him getting his 2nd decision in the UFC.

To go from his first UFC lost to his second decision to making UFC history by becoming the first 2 time champion are reasons, that go along with other reasons of why McGregor is one of the two best fighters on the planet.

What’s Coming In The Second MMA Opinion

This blog was a lot longer than I planned it, so my opinions of Jon Jones will be in the second one. 


ILGUL#9: The Top 3 Reasons Of Why To Do Any Combat Practices

The past six months, and up until this morning I had to be up before 3:00 am for work reason. I try to finish my work before 4pm to be with my 1 year old son, because he loves to play outside at the park near of where we live. Well that is what we did yesterday,and that day was the second day of school for Fairfax County. 

When my son and I were outside for about 30 minutes, students from middle school and high school returned from their schools. There was bunch of them at the park, and they were talking real loud to share their experiences on that day. 

According to what they were sharing, there was a fight. With me just hearing about it, I could only imagine of what that is like. Now we seen school fights on the Internet, so we can see on rather or not that people can fight. Some of the students were bragging about who could or could not fight. As I heard that it made me wonder if they know what is the best way to fight, and I would like to think that they would know or should know. For because of MMA, we are able to get an idea of what works in fighting and what does not work in fighting. 

As I imagine of what the fights might have been like while looking at my son, I thought of what if he was in a fight at a school. Now I thought about that quite a few times before that day, because he has a high percentage of that happening. For he looks mostly Korean, so some people may want to fight him for the way he looks. I know, because I had the same thing happen to me for the same reason. 

I know that he probably will be in at least one fight, but I hope that does not happened. I also hope that he is not in fights for the reason of him being the one that started it. I also hope that he can get away without getting hurt, and does not panic when in physical confrontation. 

All these thoughts that I had yesterday led me to thoughts, that I want to share in this blog. These thoughts can be revealed with three points of why there needs to be combat practices, and why people need to be participants of combat practices. The way in the order I put these three points are ranked of their importance with the first point being the highest. 

For the three points of why to teach, or do an combat art are: 

1. Self-Defense

2. Physical conditioning

3. To compete

The Point Of Self-Defense

For there is a big difference between people that think they can fight to those that can. Those that can fight for the most part do not go looking for fights just to fight, and those that think that they can fight go looking to accidentally find those that can fight. I think for one of the reason of that is people that participate in the wrestling team already have an environment to realize any negativity they may have received through whatever circumstances that may have caused it. Them releasing their physical energy in wrestling maybe why they do not looking for fights, or their participation in wrestling gives them no reason to look for a fight. For they are secure enough in themselves to not have to fight to prove themselves, and those that fight for the reason of they think they can fight most likely comes from insecurity of themselves. They end up getting in a fight with a wrestler, and it ends bad for them. 

Now what if you, or someone that you love is being the one that someone thinks that can beat up on for whatever reason? 

If your not involved in any combat art, then continue to read onto to see what combat arts are most effective. 

If you are involved in combat art that is not effective in self-defense, then you need to stop it before you get into a real fight to find out your art that you are doing is useless. 

For the most effective self-defenses can be seen in MMA like: Jiu-Jitsu, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, and Sambo. 

Since the existent of MMA on TV ( you can go all the way back to the early years of Vale Tudo), you could see what is effective, and what is not. I mean there is the reason of why we have not seen an fighter with background of Aikido, or Kung-Fu become a champion. With the arts I listed in being effective, those arts have at least one person that became MMA champion. For here are those that prove my point of what is effective in self-defense based on who won MMA titles:

1. Jiu-Jitsu: Fabricio Werdum

2.Muay-Thai: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

3.  Kickboxing: Alistair Overeem

4. Karate: Lyoto Machida

5. Tae Kwon Do: Benson Henderson

6. Wrestling: Jon Jones

7. Judo: Rhonda Rousey

8. Boxing: Holly Holm

9. Sambo: Fedor Emelianenko

Now the reason of why there has not been an MMA champion with background in Kung-Fu, and Aikido is those arts are ineffective. I mean we already seen quite a few times a guy with wrestling takedown a guy with practice in Aikido, and that result was no surprise. 

My personal opinion of what’s the most effective to practice for self-defense would be grappling in form of Gracie Jiu Jitsu., because it focuses more on self-defense than sport. In Gracie Jiu Jitsu they teach you how to defend yourself when on the ground with moves of escaping, defending, chokes, and joint lock with goal of ending the conflict soon. Gracie Jiu Jitsu also understands distance, and it practices striking, and defending striking. 

I love striking arts, but striking will not mean anything when you are lying on the ground with your back or stomach. I also love wrestling, because I think it is the most difficult combat art to practice. However, there is no striking involved in wrestling. For it would be easy for wrestlers to close distance to clinch when their is no striking involved, but it just takes one strike with direct hit on chin, or temple to be knocked out. 

For my point of what I just said about striking, and wrestling is that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu should be what connects striking with grappling to be efficient in self-defense. 

Now the major difference between sport vs street is regulation. For sports competition has rules, whereas the street could be fight to the death. For some of those that practice combat for just competition fail to recognize that there are no rules, and out on the street anything goes. So instead of using fists, use finger jab to eyes. Kick in the groin, punch the throat, hit the back of the head repeatedly. Be conscious of your environment. Is there a way to escape, and is the ground grass, or concrete. If it’s hard like concrete, then driving the knee down to do the double leg may not be a good idea. Guys with Jiu-Jitsu should reconsider pulling guard, because being on the bottom of someone with a knife is not good place. 

Learn Kali, learn gun defense, learn how to use a gun, and learn whatever is effective for self-defense. 

For the reason of defending yourself should be the  first reason of why to practice combat.

The Point Of Physical Conditioning

Another thing I love about wrestling is all of the physical conditioning that must be done. I love seeing perseverance in wrestlers, because it is so inspiring to watch. I love to see wrestlers compete in MMA, because they are just so tough. They bring a lot of pressure, and one of the reasons for that is their physical conditioning. 

For physical conditioning is such a reason to be one of the three points to do combat arts, that the Godfather of MMA Bruce Lee recognized that when he submitted an opponent in the time of 3 minutes. He did it in a street-fight, with someone that did not want him to teach martial arts to anyone but Chinese. After he submitted his opponent in three minutes, he realized of how tired he was. Then after that he incorporate physical conditioning, and one of the pioneers in the fitness industry Joe Weider says that Bruce Lee had the best physique that he ever seen.  One of the cool things about that is Lee never trained for looks, but for functioning. Now the idea of functional training is being presented in the fitness industry. 

Now just like most stuff in this world there are good things mixed with bad things. In martial arts, one of the bad things about is having fake black-belts that cannot climb one flight of stairs without getting winded. 

When it comes to black-belts being out of shape, the only reason I can think that justifies that is if they are recovering from major injury to their body. Other than that there should be no reason for blackbelts to be out of shape. If your black-belts office trash can is filled with fast food wrappers and boxes, then that means he has no respect for his body. That means you need to leave him. 

If you are thinking about doing some martial arts, then places you are thinking of should allow you to watch their practice, and give you at least one free class. If those places do not, then it is fair to say that it’s not a good place to learn martial arts. For any great instructor would love to give people a free trial, and that is where you can find if it is legit or not. When I am looking for a place to practice martial arts, there is at least two things that I look for. One is the head instructors lineage, and that comes with by what association they are under. My coach is under Gracie Lineage, through Professor Pedro Sauer. Any school under Gracie affiliation is golden. If I cannot discover the school’s lineage, then I try to see the school’s trophy case. Schools that do not believe in competition get say that, because their instructors never competed. If their instructors did, then they would display it. The tournaments they competed in should be seen on the Internet, so people can see their level of competition. 

Great blackbelt instructors have competed, and they are in great physical condition. Those that are in great physical condition will expect the same from their students, and there is no accident of combat related sports being in the top 10 for physical conditioning when compared to other sports. 

In the first month of combat practice, you should notice some sort of physical improvement. That could be your body being more tone. You could have more energy, and do at least one more push-up than what you did when you started combat training. 

Even though physical conditioning is the second point, it goes hand in hand with the reason of self-defense. With self-defense, the emphasis of developing great technique is a must with physical conditioning. 

The Point Of Competing

Not to long ago I practice with a group of Aikido students that think they were doing Jiu-Jitsu. They did not believe in competing. 

I think that people that do martial arts should compete at least one time, because it could be the closest thing to real physical altercation. People that do martial arts, but never competed could panic when they are in a real life altercation, and that is the reason for to complete at least one time to learn how to be calm in pressure that maybe present in real life altercation. 

Also about competing for at least one time, you could be more efficient in your techniques. For you will be practing those states higher volume, and you could also be more physically conditioned. Also you could learn how your body response in physical altercation to not be surprise in real physical altercation that would cause being panic. 


For the reasons to do combat arts are self-defense, physical conditioning, and to compete at least one time.


ILGUL#8: The Worst Thing In Grappling

With my experience in grappling, I have tapped more than submitting others. This fact in my experience with grappling does not bother me at all. With both outcomes in grappling, I appreciate those both. For those I learn and grow. 

To me part of having a great grappling experience are a few things. One is that what you can be used in real life. Another is that includes great physical conditioning, and another which is my favorite part is the relationship building. Some people have posts about Jiu-Jitsu with picture that includes both genders, all kinds of body shapes, a variety of color belts that represent different levels, and people with different color skins with different beliefs practicing. 

Another great thing about participating with others in grappling is that there is no lying on the mats. I mean some people can boast about their skill level, but verification is only revealed on the mats. If their grappling skills on the mat reflect their boasting, then it could be great for everyone that’s participating in that particular moment. For honesty enhances the experience, whereas dishonesty ruins it by creating negative ripple effects. 

Therefore the worst thing that is in grappling is lying. I think that it could be just like for anything else. 

Again going back to there is no lying on the mat, that is one of the things I appreciate about grappling related arts like Jiu-Jitsu. For with social media on the Internet, it is very hard for someone to lie about their creditenals. Liars that are claiming to be blackbelts are getting exposed, in the same way that MMA fighters are getting exposed with failed drug tests from USADA. With MMA being established worldwide in the early 90s, we can see what kind of fighting will work, and what will not work. Even with that, you still have some that thinks no one can stop their Tiger claw. Now that still exists from pure ignorance, or some that still declare to be black-belts to make easy money. 

“The Canadien Destroyer”

One time in the Liberty University’s wrestling room, we had a person that called himself The Canadien Destroyer. He too claimed to train Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Canada. For some people that do not know what that place is, and why does it matter? Well for those that follow one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time in George St. Pierre will know that he trains at Tri-Star Gym. Along with him there are other top MMA guys, that train there. 

When all the people in Liberty University Jiu-Jitsu club heard from the Canadien Destroyer that it trained for a while at Tri-Star Gym, most of us were excited to roll with him to see what we can learn from him by what he may teach us. 

Well before I rolled with him there were others at higher belt levels that rolled with him, and they tapped him very easily. After that happened, we kind of begin to question his claims. Some thought he was lying, while others might consider that his ground game may not be strong. Our expectations might have been too high, and most of the people in the club did not want to judge him. For we were all trying to get better at Jiu-Jitsu. Before I rolled with him, I felt like the others in where I did not want to judge him. I also felt very highly of him, because I saw him as higher skill level than me. With him doing MMA, I saw him at a higher level than me. I was still a white belt when I rolled with him. 

Disappointing Roll

Him, and I started our roll from the knees. I started the attack, and his response was shooting at my waist. My response was taking his head that was near head, with my arm that was close to his head. While this is going on, I continue to sprawl as he was reaching for my legs. As that was going on, he was not protecting his neck like he should, so I applied an guillotine to his neck. As he was still shooting for my legs, I was able to put a very lose half guard to his lower body. Now I remember my guillotine was not that very tight, because I was still attempting to complete my half-guard. With nothing being that tight in my half-guard with the guillotine, he tapped. 

After he tapped to very sloppy guillotine that I applied, he had to take a long break. He was winded, and I was very dissapointed. I went believing that he was high level in grappling to being convince that he lied about his training. 

Because of my rolling with the Canadien Destroyer, I conclude that lying about your training brings the worst thing in grappling. Do not lie, because it is not worth it. 


Again do not lie about your grappling level, because it is not worth it. For integrity is hard to win back, so be honest. Everyone that participates in any kind of martial art should aim to be better at it anyways, and that comes with not being afraid about being open with yourself.