ILGUL 12:Fighters Fight Challenge

About combat sports for 2017 so far, I will remember it for Mayweather vs McGregor. About that fight I was rooting for McGregor, but I am not surprise about the outcome. For Mayweather should finish him, and he did in spectacular fashion. Now that fight has been done I want to see McGregor back in MMA, and I hope his next fight will be with Diaz at 155 pounds for the trilogy.

Even though the guy I rooted for got TKO by one of the best boxers of all time in Mayweather, I did enjoy everything about the fight. I would be interested if they did another crossover with MMA and boxing. For I think it is good for both combat sports, because it gives freshness that sometimes both sports need. 

Other than my opinion about Mayweather vs McGregor, I think that the majority that were into it feels that overall it was a success. The ticket sells, and the PPV buys prove that. Even though it has almost been two weeks since the fight, people are still talking about it rather it be positive or negative. Bottom line is they are talking about it, and UFC is already talking about doing Overeem vs boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in a MMA fight. Also Showtime too is looking at to do more crossover MMA vs boxing. I just hope that as they do it, that idea will get better. 

With McGregor proving that MMA fighterscan box with pro boxers, I would now like to see our best boxers like Diaz brothers, and Woodley go over to box their best boxers in their prime.  For I think that MMA boxing boxers is better than boxers doing MMA, because boxers would not have much of chance against MMA fighters in MMA. UFC 1-3 proved that, Couture vs Toney proved it years later, and since 2010 nothing has changed in who would dominate in a fight between a boxer vs MMA fighter. 

I think if you take the idea of combat grappling, then you might have a format that could be somewhat fair for MMA fighters vs boxers. This is just an idea, and it might be bad. I just hope that MMA vs boxing will get better. 


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